This form is for people looking to sell their FIFA 22 coins to FUT Coin Shop.

Requirements to sell:

- Web app Transfer Market unlocked
- Minimum of 1M coins (1,000,000)

How does FUT Coin Shop buy coins?

We buy coins as we need them to fulfill orders. This means that we deliver straight from our supplier account to our buyer account. We do this all on the FUT Web App, which means that we need to have hands-on access to your account (so yes, we will need your EA Origin login details).

Suppliers get notified straight away when we start removing coins from their account and from that point it takes usually 1-3 days or less to completely process the coins (this depends on the amount of coins being sold). We'll contact you through the contact email you submit on this form.

Payment is sent the same day we finish the account. We send all payments for the day at once after we finish delivering orders (usually during the UK night time).

How to prepare your account:

At the time of submitting this form your account must have the exact amount of coins you're selling liquid. Please also make sure you have the Web App Transfer Market unlocked.

Disclaimer: There is always a potential risk when transferring coins, even with the Snipe Method. FUT Coin Shop does not take any liability in these cases.

Please note that we aren't obligated to buy anyone's coins and the decision is at our own discretion.

We need a backup code in order to bypass the 6-digit login verification code used to log into your account.

How to find the code:
1. Sign into your EA Origin account on
- The email/password login is your FIFA web app login

2. Go to your account settings
- At the bottom left of the page hover over your username and go to 'EA account and billing'

3. Go to your security settings
- Click 'security'

4. Turn login verification ON

5. Click 'View' next to where it says backup codes

6. Enter the 6-digit verification code EA will send to your email/phone, then the backup codes will show up on your screen

It is recommended to refresh your backup codes before submitting them. Incorrect backup codes are a very common issue. Please make sure you submit valid codes.
We buy the cheapest coins to fulfill our orders with. This means the cheaper you sell your coins for, the faster we'll buy them.

We prioritize the cheapest coins being sold first, and accounts with more coins being second priority. If you're selling a smaller amount, we'd suggest selling for the cheapest rate available.

If you'd like for us to only use the Snipe Method please specify here. If you choose 'No Preference' we'll use either or both Snipe Method and Player Auction bidding to transfer the coins depending on what we need at the time.