Tired of playing FUT and want to get paid for your cards? Sell them to us! We offer the most competitive rates on the market for sellers and take care of the entire process for you, hassle free! All you have to do is fill out the form and we'll handle the rest.

Current seller rates:

[PS/XB] $2.50 USD/100k ≈ £1.90/100k ≈ €2.25/100k

[PC] $2 USD/100k ≈ £1.55/100k ≈ €1.80/100k

Requirements to sell:

- Web App Transfer Market unlocked
- Minimum of 2M (2,000,000)
- Can't be unassigned with 5+ cards

How does the process work?

We will notify you via email if we accept the sell order within 72 hours or less. Sellers get notified straight away when we start the process and from that point it typically (not always) takes 24-48 hours or less to complete it. Your payment is sent for the exact amount of coins taken via PayPal Friends & Family (5% fee up to $5) within 24 hours of us completing the order (payments are sent around 6pm-8pm UK daily). We fulfill the order via Snipe Method.

Disclaimer: Please note that we aren't obligated to fulfill anyone's sell order to any extent and the decision is at our own discretion.

I have read and accepted FUT Coin Shop's terms and conditions and data policy.