We need your backup codes in order to bypass the 6-digit login verification code used to log into your account.

How to find the codes:
1. Sign into your EA Origin account on
- The email/password login is your FIFA web app login

2. Go to your account settings
- At the bottom left of the page hover over your username and go to 'EA account and billing'

3. Go to your security settings
- Click 'security'

4. Turn login verification ON

5. Click 'View' next to where it says backup codes
6. Enter the 6-digit verification code EA will send to your email/phone, then the backup codes will show up on your screen

It is recommended to refresh your backup codes before submitting them! Incorrect backup codes are a very common issue. Please make sure you submit valid codes.
If you'd like for us to only use the Snipe Method please specify here. If you choose 'No Preference' we'll use either or both Snipe Method and Player Auction bidding to transfer the coins depending on what we need at the time.