Account Safety

Gamers will never have to fear missing out again when playing FUT because now they can get a FUT 22 account for themselves that includes all of the best teams and players right off the bat. With player ratings for the latest installment of FUT released, gamers can finally see which of the teams they ought to look out for.

Here at FUT Coin Shop we are committed to customer safety, security, and satisfaction. Your account safety and security is what we've built our business on. We now offer both Snipe Method and Player Auction delivery methods to reflect those beliefs and ensure that customers feel as safe and secure as possible.

While the Snipe Method prioritizes the safety of your FUT club, player auction prioritizes coin delivery without having to input any of your sensitive information. To figure out which is best suited for you, please read the differences between the two delivery methods below:

Snipe Method:

For the Snipe Method we must login to the buyer's account to deliver the coins. We snipe cards for significantly under their going rate and sell them on for their normal price. We continue this process until the entire order is fulfilled. This method is the safest way to transfer coins and has an extremely small risk of getting caught by EA (<1% chance). If you prioritize the safety of your FUT Club against EA's guidelines, this is the recommended method. This is also our personal recommendation.

Player Auction:

For Player Auction we don't need access to your account and work with the buyer to deliver the coins. The buyer lists cards and we bid significantly over the going price in the final seconds of the auction in order to transfer the coins. This process is continued until the entire order is fulfilled. While this method is more likely to be caught by EA, it’s still efficient in transferring the coins and still has a low chance of getting caught. If you prioritize your peace of mind and don't like giving out your sensitive information, this is the method for you.

What if I get banned?

By using our service you recognize and understand that transferring coins always contains a potential risk that may result in disciplinary action by EA Sports (even with Snipe Method).FUT Coin Shop does not take any liability in these cases.